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Tandem Massage special though the month of December.
$100/30 minute $150/60 minute $250/90 minute
We use The highest priced Comfort Craft hydraulic table to better help our clients and you will leave nothing short of amazed at how a superior tool helps create a superior massage! The Table has a mid split that bends up to 45* to open up your back and allow deeper work than any other table. A massage is still about what your body needs and every man whether gay, straight or in between needs something different so we listen to you and to your body. If you have no problems then sit back and enjoy choice of techniques from deep tissue to a lite swedish modality we know a great number of techniques from the many hours of continued training. From the moment you enter our studio you will feel at ease from the professional surroundings and even more so when our hands are on you.

A Tandem Massage is both therapists working simultaneously in a synchronized fashion to both sides of the body at the same time. Having trained and worked together for 5 years we are in perfect synch in tempo, pressure and style to make it almost impossible to tell that 2 different people are working on your body. Most clients claim they are lost as to where we are and who is who. Truly a pampering experience and keep in mind that an hour massage by 2 therapists is actually a 2 HOUR MASSAGE. Wow, amazing is the only way to describe this but read the reviews for yourself to verify our claims.

The appointment starts with you seated on the side of the table and the therapist standing in front of you working on your shoulders and neck. Then you lay face down to begin the tradition yet exceptional massage. The benefit of our new table that is unique is the split in the middle of the table the allows your torso to be bent up to 45 degrees to relieve tension in your lower back to allow us to work deeper with out compression your already tight spine. The headrest and arm rest give you unparalleled comfort compared to traditional tables.
I could go on and on but come see for yourself!

About our studio: We live in a 4 story townhouse in oaklawn. You pull into our private garage and park, the massage studio is just inside the door on the first floor equipped with a bathroom and shower for your convenience. We have a hydrocollator system that uses clay inside the packs to provide a warm, moist heat much like a sauna. We use great linens and oils for your comfort and maintain the room pristinely. We want your experience to be like going into your own private spa, not like going into someones home. The pressure of the day and your stress are rubbed away one pampering stroke at a time until your entire body is relaxed. Come try one of Dallas' best male massages. Just read our reviews for yourself

About Him

We've been together 8 years and went to massage school together to start helping others with our touch. We love our French Bulldog (Tank) and taking trips. We are active and love being fit and helping our clients lead the active lives they want to free of pain and limits.

Scott is a native Texan that spent 7 years in NYC and then came back to Texas. 5'10" and 220 and 46 years old so try his muscle bear massage. He's had back surgery on L4-L5-S1 and that is what inspired him to go to massage school to better help people in his situation. Problems are his speciality!

Dimitry was born in the Ukraine and adopted at 3. 6'4" and 220 at 29 years old he is a muscle pup massage master. He lived in Seattle until moving to Texas to be with Scott. He is a MASTER at swedish relaxation and can put anyone to sleep on the table. He is also equally adept at sports and deep tissue.
Together we travel and enjoy visiting your town and getting to know the men that live there. So when you see we are visiting hit us up and after your massage you can show us around town.

Thanks for taking the time to read and evaluate our services. If you have questions after reading our reviews please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer them. We are 2 very down to Earth men that are easy going and friendly. We have are happy to serve all men regardless of age or size. We don't have hangups and will make you feel very at ease. Have a great day!


In-studio 60 min. $100.00
90 min. $140.00


Near Cedar Springs Rd & Hawthorne Ave
Dallas, TX 75219