Hands of Bliss

Master of Bodywork, Healer, And Guru



About his bodywork

I'm handsome, incredibly talented, and here to make your body feel amazing book an appointment today.

I'm a very talented holistic intuitive massure who offers a total escape from the everyday life. I utilize many massage techniques, holistic oils, energy healing, chakra work, and always find all the right spots.

You will be completely relaxed on my top of the line massage table with built in heat. As your entire body is pampered by my magic healing hands. The experience is out of this world. My touch is extremely strong, loving, nurturing, forceful, effective, soothing, and will bring you to state of pure bliss.

If your body was a machine and had many systems.  I would be considered one of the head architects who built the machine, master designers who engineered the processes, and manufacturer who manifested into flesh the next generation of our human machine we all share. 

Your human being/entire self requires maintenance, tune up, repairs, and tender loving care. Which is why we try to eat healthy, exercise, and be good to our fragile shell/body/flesh. Unfortunately sometimes life takes it toll on our human spirit, love, and trust in one's human body/flesh. That's why I'm always available to make sure everything is running smoothly, with a sense of ease, flow, and efficiency. Get a full bodywork system tune up and step into the next chapter of your life, body, and spirit. Trust one of the guys who was there from the beginning of the human spirit manifestion project.

My clients leave my sacred space with a greater understanding of themselves, their lives, purpose, knowledge, new inspiration, hope, my love, my nurturing, my flow, and sometimes even gifts from my soul.

If your willing to let go, open minded, accepting of change, and ready to listen to what needs to be done. I can help you remove 10+ years of stress, tension, pressure, and burdens from your life/body.

My studio is located in a luxury apt building in the central business district of new Orleans. Around the corner from the Roosevelt hotel and within walking distance of the French Quarter.

My cell number is 9546967537 please text or call me for an immediate appointment or with any questions.

If you've read this far and your intrigued/curious. Take a look at my testimonials/reviews and you will see the impact that I make on every individual that comes to see me.

About Him

I'm originally from Michigan. I'm a gay midwest jew.

I'm incredibly responsible, intense, balanced, evolved, mature, seasoned, wicked fun and a bit off the rails/off the chain all the time.

If you traveled to Tibet to meet the Master Guru at the top of the sacred mountain that nobody can find without private invitation. I would be that guy living in New Orleans.

Biggest difference is I'm completely in touch with my inner child and I'm incredibly fun, witty, and generally very silly.

So if you wanna have a Bodywork session with a Master Teacher, Guru, and Incredibly dynamic man come see me


In-studio 60 min. $150.00
90 min. $225.00
Your location 60 min. $175.00
90 min. $250.00


Near Common street & Baronne street
New Orleans, LA 70112
Outcalls within 25 miles