Greg Mitchell

Holistic Massage



About his bodywork

My TAO massage will take you on a journey that will re-channel your energy sources.

It is a great way to experience a massage that enables you to relax and fully let go. All men, straight, gay and bi sometimes feel the need to be taken care of, to be looked after. This is a time when you can let me take care of you.

During the massage I will use a range of traditional and soothing massage techniques that feel very relaxing and indulgent.

This massage is very relaxing as your energy sources are moved around the peaks and valleys of your body; a massage that can transform your body, leaving you feeling deeply relaxed and refreshed. If you are feeling exhausted, tired and stressed, you can relax and let me take care of you.

My massage is suitable for gay, bisexual and straight men of all ages, and I will tailor it as much as possible to your individual needs.

“If you feel you want to make the world go away for a while; to be held safe and snug; to let go of everything, then book some 'me time' with Greg. You will not be disappointed. I can honestly say that never in my life have I felt so protected and so relaxed. Thank you.” Andrew.

About Him

My name is Greg Mitchell. I originally hail from the North East but moved down to London to go to drama college when I was in my early 20s and have lived here ever since. As a trained dancer, much of my early life was spent appearing in West End musicals, both as a dancer and singer, and, being a professional dancer, I often sought out massage as a way of relieving the stresses and strains my body was subjected to. After a time I realised that massage not only had physiological health benefits, but emotional and spiritual ones too, and this was the main reason I took up massage myself. I have always derived pleasure from taking care of and looking after people, a part of me that has developed as I got older.

I had been working as a massage practitioner for some years when I realised that it was this nurturing quality that my clients most responded to. I learned that we all have magic in our fingertips and how touch can transform us. I also learned that all one's senses should be engaged in massage, and that music and atmosphere play a huge part in creating that total holistic massage experience


In-studio 60 min. £100.00
90 min. £120.00


Near Pear Tree Court & Clerkenwell Close
London, England, GB EC1R 3BD