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About his bodywork

Hi - I am a qualified and experienced Masseur & Spiritual Healer/ Reiki Master (8 and 18 years respectively) and offer SPORTS MASSAGE, HEALING/ REIKI- MASSAGE, HAWAIIAN MASSAGE and INDIAN FACE MASSAGE. REIKI MASSAGE as well as SPIRITUAL HEALING/ REIKI or MEDITATION SERVICES from a separate Therapy Room at my home in London -Paddington - W2, close to Royal Oak tube!


SPORTS MASSAGE could also be called SOFT TISSUE THERAPY, and it usually contains Deep Tissue Massage techniques. It is great if you are looking for a very deep and thorough massage, pre-event massage, post-event massage, maintenance massages, or help with common soft-tissue sports injuries. But it can also just as well help with soft tissue problems acquired sitting at a desk et al.

HAWAIIAN MASSAGE (a mixture of LOMI-LOMI MASSAGE and KAHUNA BODYWORK) - is a truly beautiful type of massage. With it's long flowing strokes, which continuously cover you whole body, and the blessing of ALOHA, it endeavours to not only lull you into a deep state of blissful relaxation, but also to heal and up-lift your spirit.

SPIRITUAL HEALING/ REIKI- MASSAGE relaxing, de-stressing and re-energizing. Aiming to not just massage your physical body, but in a way massage your soul and spirit too. A deep and very thorough massage, yet designed to be non-painful. My hands scan and massage your body and may sometimes just stop, to simply let the healing energies flow.

INDIAN FACE MASSAGE / REJUVENATING FACE LIFT MASSAGE is designed to be a gentle non-invasive, alternative approach to looking younger. It works primarily by freeing constrictions both within the facial muscles and in the connective tissues. INDIAN FACE MASSAGE / REJUVENATING FACE LIFT MASSAGE is truly ‘Holistic’ and it is based on ancient Indian techniques.


SPIRITUAL HEALING/ REIKI is a complementary therapy which works on a all levels , i.e. emotional, spiritual, mental and physical levels. It is usually experienced as very relaxing, re-energizing. SPIRITUAL HEALING/ REIKI stimulates and can support self-healing mechanisms of the body, with sometimes profound effects. I am happy to offer/ send SPIRITUAL HEALING/ REIKI as DISTANT HEALING worldwide. Furthermore if you are looking for someone for Spirit Release, or Space Clearing work, I am happy to help as well.

EMPATH HEALING - healing and support especially for empath.

MEDITATION SERVICES are Personalized Meditation Services, be they an Introduction to Meditation, Meditation Support, or Guided Meditation Services.

About Him

19+ years ago I started on my path of spiritual discovery and have been practicing Healing ever since. I got interested in Healing during my medical studies back then, and decided at some point that healing with energy is my preferred way of helping people.

For 7 years I studied Medicine in Hamburg, Germany and worked part-time for 6 of them in several nursing jobs. These studies gave me a broad understanding of illnesses, as well as anatomy and physiology etc. I have since had a general and intense interest in alternative therapies, especially hands-on-healing, which I continuously practiced for myself, friends, family and colleagues.

After then working in Accounts for about 5 years, it has become clear to me, that to follow my heart, it was time to offer healing to the general public and make it my full time profession.

On my journey with Spiritual Healing/ Reiki I started to discover the power of touch and my talent in giving massage.

In 2007 I have qualified as a REJUVENATING FACE LIFT MASSAGE/ INDIAN FACE MASSAGE Therapist with the London Centre of Indian Champissage.

In 2008 I qualified as an advanced HAWAIIAN MASSAGE Therapist with the Hawaiian Massage UK Training Centre, and have since also been giving SPIRITUAL HEALING/ REIKI-MASSAGE, i.e. relaxing whole body massages in which I include an element of Healing-/ Energy work.

Iin 2015 a qualification as an NVQ level 5 (BETC) SPORTS & REMEDIAL MASSAGE Therapist followed

Furthermore I believe that 1000s of hours of meditation and self-healing work and development make me a very competent Meditation Tutor/ Meditation Teacher.


In-studio 60 min. £60.00


Near Alfred Road & Harrow Road
London, England, GB W2 5HD
Outcalls within 5 miles