The Space of You

deep into your muscles and your soul



About his bodywork

I have been massaging men professionally for over 15 years. I am willing to work with you to give your body a sense of relaxation beyond the surface; I can work very deep in your muscles and articulations to relieve tension, always respecting the clients tolerance and desires. I love to massage with power and intuition.

My massages are very therapeutic but also very enjoyable and satisfying. You will feel the massage, will be relaxed and feel invigorated.

I combine a few techniques that I have learnt over the years like Sweedish Massage, California Massage, trigger point therapy, joints Manipulation, Thai Massage .....

I am certified and a member of a few internationally recognised institutions like ITEC - BTEC - I ACT

Massage is my passion and I take good care of my clients. What I offer is a really good deep professional massage aimed to leave you deeply relaxed and revitalised.

If you are looking for a firm and deep massage that leaves you pleasantly invigorated and relaxed, I would be happy to work with you.

My sessions are focused on the work that you require rather than on any set structure and this is facilitated by combining the different techniques I use.

I work from a very comfortable space which invites you to relax and let go in your one terms. The music I use will help your body drift into a pleasant state where you will safe. I also use organic products of great quality.

About Him

As well as being a certified Massage Therapist, I am a professional Artist (dancer/ Performer) with a great passion for Massage, Body Work and male touch.

Besides my extensive career as an artist, I have trained and worked professionally with different hands on body techniques and modalities and also with some interesting energetic modalities like Recconnective Healing, Matrix Energetics, Access Consciousness Body Work.

I have also done a fair amount of body work around the core energy of men.

I am certified by a few internationally recognised institutions like ITEC- BTEC - I ACT

Massage for me must be more than just a nice body rub, it must move us into a space where we are able to open up to bodily proceses which allow for a deep release of physical muscle tension as well as emotional and mental tension producing a deep sense of satisfaction.

I like to take my time and follow my intuition. I find that respect and clear communication are essential to my work.

My studio is very well located in the center of the most exciting neighbourhood in Berlin with easy and convenient access by public transport.


In-studio 90 min. €80.00


Near Maybachufer & Strasse
Berlin, Land Berlin, DE 12047