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About his bodywork

I am a 34 year old gay licensed massage therapist living New York City. I am nationally certified and certified in medical massage. I specialize in Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Reflexology, Trigger Point Therapy, and Sports Massage.

I like to deal with the overall health of my clients and tend to concentrate on trying to find and treat the cause rather than just the symptoms. What I mean by that is, stress! Stress, affects the whole body and for the most part is one of, if not, the main reason why we have tight musculature, especially those of the upper back and shoulders, and is the cause of many diseases. That stress we have in our minds manifests to our physical bodies, and in doing so creates many other problems that affect our body's health. Massaging the whole body, though, can put the client's mind at ease and in turn prevent other diseases from happening in conjunction with alleviating any "knots" and other muscular conditions that may have developed.

Lets face it, as long as we are alive, we will always have stress bombarding us - it is how we deal with that stress that can help us live comfortably and make a world of difference. Massage is able to facilitate the body's innate ability to heal itself and in doing so shorten recovery time dramatically and keeping it from reoccurring sooner. I work with many clients with muscle tightness and tension, pain, both chronic and acute, joint stiffness, tension headaches, limited range of motion, high and low blood pressure and anxiety. Many believe that massage is some sort of luxury service that is only designated for the uber-rich for the sole purpose of pampering, but it's much more than that! Massage when done right, by someone who knows what they are doing, can be very beneficial to one's health and aid in the healing process.

Massage is as instinctive and as natural as eating or drinking. When we bump our heads or cramp up, what is the first thing we do? (besides saying Ouch!!!) we rub the area and or hold it. I am very well versed in the human anatomy in particular the human musculoskeletal system. I think it's very important for a therapist to know where muscles originate, insert, and the action(s) associated with those muscles to better treat clients, otherwise they are simply slabbing oil or cream on you. In addition to that, knowing physiology and many of the pathologies that afflict people is key in knowing what to do or what not to do and when.

I love the art of massage and I love helping people. I feel that l I excel in what I do, because of those two reasons. Massage to me is not just a job or a career, it's my passion and I focus on meeting and exceeding the expectations of my clients.

If you're looking for a great male massage therapist, who knows and loves what he's doing, look no further. Text or call me today for your next appointment!

About Him

I am Greek-American and originally from New Jersey. Prior to going to school for Massage Therapy I worked for my father's construction company for 10 years, working as a skilled laborer then a foreman. I am 6' tall and 180lbs and enjoy working out at the gym. I also play the piano (classically trained since I was 8yrs old) and compose music.

If you want a friendly, charming, attractive discrete gay massage therapist to truly help you benefit from massage therapy, please do not hesitate to let me know. Packages are available as well!


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