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About his bodywork

**Currently in the bay area only until January 15th, then traveling internationally for 5-6+ months. Catch me while you can! :)

I'm a strong, intuitive male who offers a relaxing massage that can satiate your needs for healing, intimacy, and touch. I've been working with gay men doing deep tissue massage professionally for several years and much longer in personal scenarios. I bring in an element of softness and affection to my work, as I've found that gentle touch is just as important as deep work.

Through my massage, I want you to experience the exact type of physical connection you need. I like to have a conversation with each man before we start the session to see exactly what it is you're looking for.

Overall, you can expect an intimate and professional connection that's mindful of boundaries, comfort, and joy. My main goal is to make sure you have a pleasant and positive experience receiving your m4m massage from me.

Bodywork, health, nutrition, connection, and teaching about all of them are my passions, and I'm happily able to offer that through my services. Please give me a call or text (fastest response) or email (slower response) to set up an appointment.

If you're interested in 4-hand massage with myself and another man or woman, please ask about that, and we can set something up with other professional massage therapists I work with.

About Him

I'm a masseur who's had years of experience in professional massage. I'm an intimacy educator and touch-pro person who provides a huge amount of knowledge and practice in the world of physicality and closeness. My passion lies in the connection between people and I'm currently authoring a book on intimacy. I feel that one of the best ways to connect with one another is through the body, and that's a big factor in my massage lifestyle. I'm also a performer, musician, healer, biker, climber, swimmer, and lover.

You'll find me to be warm, welcoming, and very attentive to your massage needs. It's hard not to be completely comfortable around me, as that's what I ultimately want for you.


Your location 60 min. $180.00
90 min. $270.00
120 min. $360.00

Travel schedule

  • Jan. 16 - 20: Los Angeles, CA
  • Jan. 22 - Feb. 08: Wellington, Wellington, NZ