Rest Your Mind MassageĀ© -

I will kick the crap out your stress - then drain it like a tub


About his bodywork

*--OPTimizing__MaSSaGe---* escape from overload, enjoy-rest-4-the-tired, refreshment-4-the-hurting, pleasuring-peace-4-the-too-busy, attention-4-the-neglected, and friend-4-the-lonely
$100.00 - 90 min with dress time
$ 80.00 - Hour with dress time

I am a first class act, steady, successful and taking my brand mainstream. Come to me if your serious about feeling better.

O - Occasionally overwhelmed?
P - Pain, problems or panic persist?
T - Tired of toxic trials & tribulations?
I - Is injury instigating ineffectiveness?
M - My massage makes misery merrier
I - Insist on instant relief
S - Serious same day satisfaction!
T - Take the time 2 heal thoroughly.
I - I invite individuals in isolation or illness 2
C - careful, cheerful, complete comfort & contentment.

J - Jay is short 4 Jamie my nickname 4 James
A - Always authentic and astonishingly altruistic
M - My massage modality is highly refined & developed
I - I apologize 4 changing phone #s...Please try me again
E - Extremely enthusiastic, educated and experienced

About Him

I have specialized as Sound Healing Energy Worker / Massage & Bodywork Therapist

I include subtle sound wave vibrations and audio pulses during my masage that induces clinical rest. While I target your physical ailments with a strong, aggrressive grip - yourr brain wave patterns experience extreme relaxation.

I have unlocked my inner healer. My clients are raving.

I have been healed
Joy is my energy
My energy is Strength
Strength defeats your pain

Don't stay the same
I'm a rare find
Jamie is my name
I'll rest your mind

Experienced, educated, specialized, a leader, established, ethical, and sincere in the art and science of Western Massage.


In-studio 60 min. $80.00
90 min. $100.00


Based in Raleigh, NC 27607
Outcalls within 100 miles