New Muscular Guy in Town

Great an Unique Massage


About his bodywork

I'm Fab and I'm new in the city. I am Italian and as you can see I have worked body. I feel proud of my body and I likeshow off.
My photos are real, current and I am.
In my massage, my goal is to transmit the necessary energy so that the patient can balance the forces and achieve relaxation.
This is accomplished with great concentration and has taken me a long time to balance it. I need all possible patient welcome to manage my energy in full.
The force I convey with my muscles.
And of course clean in body and soul.

About Him

In my massages I put my effort to give me body and soul in every service provided. There I expose my soul and open my heart so that each client can receive the best my I feel that I have a mission that is to return peace and tranquility to my customers that I have to the blessing that I choose
I like to let my clients know to appreciate my unusual techniques. It is a technique I've developed so that the customer achieves the balance lost through stress and the problems of the city. It is a technique that has had unexpected repercussions and that deepened day by day. Through tiny pressures he managed to find the inner tides that sought harmony. It is a work of mental and physical connection where every move is planned.
It is essential that customer comes with the power to get the best of me and of course clean in body and soul. Especially in body
I demand respect for my work and understand that the session does not entitle you to buy my life. My work is committed to deliver me in regards to the session and not beyond.
Many times customers exaggerate in the limit that I remind you and that offends them, what makes them feel uncomfortable.
My method can develop both in gay, bisexual and transgender included heterosexual. Asians are also welcome. I have special harmony with them.
I can accommodate me to customer demands
Usually my clients are sympathetic and understand the words without problems.


In-studio 60 min. $160.00


Near W46 th street & 7th avenue
New York, NY 10036
Outcalls within 5 miles