Ed's Massage

Specializing in highly detailed male massage



About his bodywork

$70.00 for 90 min or $60.00 for 60 min. I am a gay man giving quality massages to men that are both therapeutic and very relaxing. I combine several techniques and flow between deep tissue and long slow strokes to give just the right combination that will leave you relieved of knots, stress and fully relaxed and ready to take on another day. I am an extremely patient person and never rush through a massage but take my time, the world is in a hurry, my massage is the time to slow down your world and breathe a sigh of relief. When working on a body sometimes its a change in breathing or I can just feel the body relaxing beneath my hands but I will follow all those cues you and your body is giving me to give you the best massage possible. I start my massage with your shoulders, which is where everyone needs the most work, then to the back and down the back of the body following the natural contours of the muscles and underlying tissue making you feel relaxed and wondering why you had not done this sooner? Some men are so relaxed during a massage they drift in and out of a light sleep,or breath deep sighs as I work on those knots, which also helps release toxins and encourages an increased oxygen supply creating an even deeper relaxation. Warm room, Heated table and Draping is to your comfort level. I use only unscented Biotone massage cream and a shower is available for before and or after your massage, just ask. Contact for appointment Text/ Phone/ Email.or Schedule Online under my links.

About Him

I am a man who personally enjoys giving massage,touching the human body and making my clients feel relaxed on my massage table. I am a detailed person who is always concerned with giving my best and making sure the client receives the best massage possible and leaves my studio feeling like a new man. I completed 750 hours of training and graduated the top of my class with a 4.0 GPA and was selected by the instructors and the most improved in my class.


In-studio 60 min. $60.00
90 min. $70.00


Near Red Bridge Road & Jackson Ave
Kansas City, MO 64137