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About his bodywork

Need to be re-charged? Pampered? Or maybe you just need a break from the tired, non-stop rat race of city living? Why not choose a real, trained, N.Y. State Licensed massage therapist who truly finds joy in massaging men and knows your anatomy? I am a bisexual, licensed massage therapist and an expert in providing relaxing, deep and/or nurturing m4m massage for gay, straight and bisexual men. I have been practicing for more than 20 years downtown, in the East Village of Manhattan. With my initial training at New York's Swedish Institute, I am a relaxation expert, integrating deep tissue and Swedish massage to warm you up and make you feel comfortable, then we segue into a more Body Electric/m4m massage. I practice massage on a table, integrating breath, touch, and facilitated stretching to provide a master's m4m, full body massage. For the massage connoisseur seeking that quality, holistic and personalized m4m massage, you couldn't find a more dedicated or skillful masseur. I use warm, organic, coconut oil, or deep, moisturizing lotion, with or without aromatherapy. If you're looking for an underwear model, call one of the other boys to mush his hands around on you and charge you twice as much. If you want a man who is a master at m4m massage, with equal parts massage skill, hands-on, intuitive wisdom and years of experience working on every conceivable type of male body, call me. All major credit cards accepted. I'm available most days from 10 AM to 10 PM by calling 212-777-7199 or 917-771-6367. Please note that your personal hygiene is greatly appreciated. 24 hour cancellation policy applies. For information on my healing oriented massage, please see my other massage profile "NYCMASSEUR" under HEAL within this site.

About Him

This year I was fortunate to rediscover my love of making music! And this spring has seen me join several gardens in my native East Village 'hood, Campos Community Garden on 12th Street and 11BC Serenity Garden. We are always seeking volunteers! It's a fantastic way to connect with nature and meet new friends with similar interests. I meditate and (sometimes) chant Om mani padmi hum every day. Currently I am also a part of the visiting artist program in music therapy and perform (live!) Mondays from 12-1 in the PACC/Atrium at Union Square and 14th St., a division of Mount Sinai/Beth Israel. I also love to bike (I have two), and dance (I was a former dancer with Lynn Simonson and did the Zumba Gold training). Occasionally, I do Pilates (I taught at Crunch for years) and love working out with free weights and unicycling. I self-practice various forms of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (see Marsha Linehan) to stay mindful and manage destructive emotions. I'm also a graduate of Hunter College CUNY, where I majored in New Media and Music. Some of my side careers have included stand-up comedy, cocktail piano, and acting (Google YouTube channel STEVENORR54 for some grueling and risque open mic appearances). I am a current member of Polaris North theater coop. To see my current acting reel go to STEVENORR dot COM. I'm still working on my first autobiographical novel "Comfort". Excerpts may be found on my Tumblr blog "Cruel City by Saint Orr." I also journal and obsessively record my own private life reflections in video diaries and am way too addicted to watching horror (both good and bad), "Banshee" "Game of Thrones"and the occasional muscle video. Totally addicted to good Progressive House music (Digitally Imported; for podcasts, Silk Music Showcase is the best). Currently my favorite red is Predator Old Vine Zinfandel; the new lot from 2014 is superb. High quality, good price. Amor & Gracias!


Your location 60 min. $160.00
In-studio 60 min. $120.00


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