David Penner

Nurturing intuitive body massage, San Francisco, North Bay



About his bodywork

You can expect to receive a healing, nurturing, un-hurried massage from a pair of hands that long to caress, knead and connect with your being.
I show up with a heated table, incense and Biotone creme.

My massage is a journey we go on that begins with gentle shaking to loosen and release deep connective tissue as you allow it. I utilize slow stretches that are guided by your ability, as I connect tenderly with your spirit.

The connection remains unbroken throughout the massage, as we activate chakra points, that allow for spiritual healing as well.
My deep tissue work begins slowly, allowing your body to adjust to the pressure and release tension.
I'm Proficient in a more robust style of massage, that invigorates the body more. You have only to ask.
A regular client of ten years had this to say back then.

I'll always remember John as the HEALING
>EVENT that arrived just as my world was upside
>down in early 2006. The terrifying and never ending
>home remodeling project continued on and on but, but you made my contact with david's healing hands possible.
>For two months now, he has arrived on time and brought
>relief and healing to my unbelievably sore and aching neck and
>shoulders. i know that through his response and
>comments about my condition, he would be the first to
>agree that all the stress and pressure in my life
>seems to settle in this area of my body.
>for 90 minutes at a time, with his patience and dedication, David
>in releasing so much of the pressure my current life
>manages to center in this area.

About Him

I completed my training at Sebastopol Massage school in 2005, and attended SRJC and SFSU from 2005-2012.
I completed my BS in dietetics, and I currently volunteer in Oakland teaching Nutrition to low income residents through the Cooking matters program.
I'm interested in promoting gardening as a means to eating healthier, and empowering people to regain control of their lives.
My most recent hobby is open water swimming in San Francisco bay, which brings me into the city 4 days a week.
Other interests include cycling and Chinese astrology.
I was born in the year of the Fire Horse, for those interested.


Your location 60 min. $100.00
90 min. $140.00
In-studio 60 min. $90.00
90 min. $130.00


Near Watertrough rd & Burnside rd
Sebastopol, CA 95472
Outcalls within 50 miles