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About his bodywork

Every Massage Therapist has a great and unique technique and style. To find that will fit in your needs is hard to find either Therapeutic or Relaxation when you find one it might be too far or expensive. My goal is to give you affordable, quality Therapeutic and Relaxation Massage. Stress is one of the biggest problem in our society, working hard and we didn't even realized that our body is also need to relax and pamper. As my background in Radiology Technology there are so many pain and ache that has been miss diagnose not realized that its only cause by muscle tension and stress, when I become a massage therapist then learning the physiology of human muscle, tendon, facia, etc., its overwhelm me that how those pain and aches cause our daily life miserable and its very simple remedy get a massage let those muscle tension soften and make it flexible again. Muscle should be strong and soft no pain at all. As before I finish my schooling in Massage Therapy program in California already been hired and working in Sports Medicine Clinic one of the prestigious therapeutic clinic in Santa Monica California and have a chance to work with several Actress, actors and athlete it enhanced my knowledge how to fix their pain and problem with guidance of our Sports Medicine Doctor and the team of Physical Therapy and sports trainer sharing the knowledge combined in order to give the proper treatment to each individual. My hunger and eager to learn in spa setting I decide to work in Spa part time in order for me to learn the benefits of spa treatment, in more than 2 years of experienced learning in both Therapeutic and relaxation setting my hand is seem like auto pitot it will tailor according to your needs, strong hand is the key of the treatment, communication between you and your therapist is very crucial too as every one has a deferent pressure tolerance.
My Massage is combined with deep tissue, swedish, shiatsu, sports and hot stone together. Upon request it can be change in your way of treatment. My base professional fee is very flexible just ask and we can compromise. Text or call will be able to response faster, Thank you.

About Him

Been educated in California Healing Arts College and work in Spa and sport medicine in Santa Monica, California. Been very fortunate that had a chance to work with actor, actress, athlete and famous singer is my regular client. My passion in Massage is make my day smile when someone is happy and get the treatment requested. More than 4 years working experience and no regret very happy every single minute working to all my client women, men, gay every one loves the way my massage deliver. Relaxation and combination with the therapeutic massage is always work out good. Some one ask me! how did I do my massage why I'm so requested so much with female or male client. My answer is always the same I have no idea all I did is just I do it from my heart and let it flow to my hand. When you love what you do and there no limitation what you can do it's the best of everything.


In-studio 60 min. $80.00
90 min. $110.00


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