Massage by Drew

" Finding Balance, Achieving Meditation, Transcending time and Body!"



About his bodywork

Massage from my perspective is an art of movements like a finely choreographed dance of Tai-chi and Isometric resistance from me to you.

Meditation music drives my calmness and effectiveness as I use my hands and warm oil to sculpt the person into balance and fluidity. Getting out of a rigid state is the first thing you'll experience after I'm finished, you may even be in a state of hypnosis.

We will be connected in a ceremony of healing and a relaxing joy. Join me as we begin a journey to remove your unwanted stress, thoughts, anxiety, painful muscles and joints.

For me, this is serious business to want to help people change their state of well being and unwind from all the struggles of life and work.

I create a very calm and comfortable environment which includes a Meditation Sound Bath... you'll definitely lose yourself into a deep state of hypnosis along with a constant flow of my hands working on your entire frame.

I'm here to help all those who genuinely need it. ( nothing inappropriate...very legitimate massage)

So, additionally, No one has to qualify with me by sending pics or stats, I work with everyone big or small, male or female, any race or religion, we are all kindred spirits and your safe with me.

All I ask is that you arrive freshly showered or set time aside to take one here.

Thank you for considering me in advance.


About Him

First of all, I am a free spirit, open minded, peaceful and fit.

My purpose in life is to enjoy everyday, to make people happy with my work as a masseur.

Mastering the art of massage modalities has always been my goal.. to improve with every opportunity and chance that someone comes back again or if your here for the first time.

The core of who I am always wants to help others and be the best at what I do without regard for competition or style.

I hardly ever ask for testimonials from people I work with so you don't see many on here but I can assure anyone who has doubts that this will be one of the very best massages you've ever experienced on a level that you won't be able to explain in a few words.....I've practiced on nearly 2000 people or more and have figured that it has been close to 10,000 hours minimum.

Feel free to ask me anything about the process in advance., discounts that you may need or special medical needs.

thanks again for reading!


In-studio 45 min. $40.00
75 min. $80.00
90 min. $100.00
120 min. $140.00
Your location 90 min. $120.00
120 min. $150.00


Near victoria ave. & maude
Riverside, CA 92506
Outcalls within 150 miles