Massage by Drew

Calm, Effective, balanced, Thoroughly Tranquil



About his bodywork

A therapeutic massage is for people that not only want to relax and feel amazing afterwards and during the process but also need specific healing...

My process is fluid, and continuous, and non stop.

I'm in motion like Tai-chi, using long gliding movements along the entire frame of the body....

Along the way I stop and address tightness, imbalance, knotting, stress points and unevenness with many modalities in my arsenal of knowledge.

This instinct I have is to always sculpt the body, to create a new form...improving oxygen, removing lactic acid throughout every muscle group...

I'm taking my time to carefully work layer by layer until I'm satisfied that I've brought the body into balance...

You may already be transcending into the deep state of hypnosis that relaxation by meditation music provides..

Transcendence is a word I like to use because I want everyone regardless of size, shape or gender to feel absolutely liberated from a stressed out body...

Given enough time, I'll use all of my power and energy to make you feel like a million bucks!

*** Please do not contact this provider if you're seeking any kind of illegal or inappropriate service.:(

Thanks for your understanding in advance..


About Him


I'll travel anywhere in the 4 county area of La, Orange,Riverside and San Bernardino. Usually a 2-4 hr advance notice works best especially if I need to commute during high traffic times.

What I bring:

Table with side and front arm rests, Oil warmer, coconut oil, essential oil for a mist aroma, clean linen, music with surround sound, a great attitude and me.

My experience

I am a self taught masseur that will tap into many modalities while I'm working with you. You can be any size, shape, or body type or gender. I love the feel of the skin and will take my time to work layer by layer until the entire body is relaxed.


I like to create a meditation through using sound immersion of ancient singing bowls, Indian flutes,calming tones and many other pcs. that I choose, that add the right frequency to put your mind into a state of hypnosis.

My philososphy

I use long continuous strokes to bring everything into balance, by using warm oil to glide along the frame of the body. Pressure is sensed to go deeper or lighter. This process will help make the body more fluid, which increases the chance of healing greatly.

I am 5 11, 205lbs of lean muscle, not over sculpted or buff, tan most of the time, healthy veggies mostly...some meat, ex marine, and love the process of offering peace, healing, friendship, and the gift of massage in my own special art form that I've cultivated over 9 yrs.


Shower available, clean humble studio space in an Old historical site in Riverside, the house is 1800's which you'll find cozy and friendly when you enter. I have a layer of memory foam over the table which makes it extra wide and comfy. Warm oil, relaxing music, aromatherapy as well.



In-studio 15 min. $0.00
60 min. $80.00
90 min. $100.00
120 min. $140.00


Near victoria ave. & maude
Riverside, CA 92506
Outcalls within 150 miles