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About his bodywork

Stylish massage parlour in Amsterdam.

Your exclusive massage parlor in Amsterdam.
During the massage I feel what is needed by energy flowing. Cheking the chakra points. Use of a steam session with body scrub are available as supplements or part of the premium 120 min.treatments.

My Esalen massage is characterized by long flowing connecting strokes over the entire body complemented by other techniques from Swedish, pulsing and deep tissue massage. The Esalen massage is best described as the interface and integration of form, energy, structure and soul. With its nurturing contact, integrating strokes and detailed attention to the whole body, an Esalen massage provides a state of deep relaxation and healing.
he long integrating strokes are conducted with the whole arm instead of just the hands adding to slow deep muscle work in order to release everyday stress, still the mind and leave you feeling integrated and deeply relaxed. - The mind-body-spirit-heart connection is vital to wholeness and wellness. The massage and other healing arts are an integral part of Esalen’s transformational process.
It is interesting to note that American war veterans are given an Esalen massage as part of their recovery programme.

About Him

My name is Rob, your massage therapist.

After taking multiple relaxation massage courses I started my own massage parlor in 2006 in Amsterdam. I wanted to use my own styling expertise to create an individual, stylish, well-being concept for man. From this idea the Slaunge was born.
The wellness centres and massage therapists of today do not give me the well-being I am looking for. They are to commercial, impersonal and often without style or ‘over the top’. However, they do come with a premium price tag.

These are some of the reasons why I decided to have a sauna and custom designed massage table in my own parlor.
After receiving multiple massages from different therapists I thought to myself… I can do this a lot better and this can and has to change! Types of massages I would like to receive myself. To bad off course I cannot massage my own body…
My massages are based on the Californian Esalen massage techniques and form the basis of my other massages.
Massage is my passion.

I hope to see you in my stylish parlor.

Rob, your massage therapist and host.


Massage Therapy
Esalen, body 2 body, massage 90 min. €125.00
Premium mix massage 120 min. €300.00
Spa Services
Sauna or hot steam capsule session 60 min. €25.00


Near ecuplein & 69
Amsterdam, North Holland, NL 1060 RN