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About his bodywork

Lay back, relax, and unwind. I practice various bodywork modalities catering to your needs.

During our session intention is focused on connection and using the energy channels of the human body to help re-regulate and rebalance energy charkas. My bodywork is an art and gift given to me to help individuals, families, communities, and our nation reconnect and find our innate power and wisdom. I have strong hands and almost 5 years of experience. Pressure for bodywork varies from a light touch to deep pressure. I use essential oils (aromatherapy) for all sessions at no extra charge.

Please try to schedule in advance if possible for bodywork sessions. I also recommend visitors in town schedule appointments on the day they arrive or near the beginning of their stay/vacation. Receiving bodywork at the beginning of your vacation is a great way to set the tempo and pace for the rest of your trip and enhance one’s senses.

Breath of Life Meditation / $10.00

Upgrade the beginning of your healing session with an additional 10 minutes of guided meditation. Goal is to relax the mind and raise awareness of body and breathing.

Calming Neurofeedback / $15.00

Upgrade the beginning of your session with 15 minutes of calming neurofeedback. This slows down brainwaves in the cerebral cortex and makes individuals more present to their body and brainstem.

Brainstem Reboot Therapeutic Bodywork 60min / $100.00

Bodywork session alleviates muscle tension and tightness. Calms the mind. Regenerates and promotes proper circulation of energy in the body. My personal style and technique is often described as a mix of Swedish, deep tissue, shiatsu, and acupressure.

Brainstem Reboot The Works Bodywork 60min / $120.00

Session is similar to therapeutic but also provides a non-judgemental space to explore connection in a more mindful and meaningful way. The Works helps rebalance the human chakra system. A general pattern I’ve observed is over-active root charkas compensating for under- active sacral, solar plexus, and heart charkas. Throat charkas seem to become over-active or under-active depending on various personality factors and brain development. I encourage clients to expand their paradigm of what connection means and find creative ways to train energy patterns that are not in sync with personal dreams and ambitions.

NOTE: If you are a veteran with proof of service I will provide healing services to you on a sliding scale. You have sacrificed your health and livelihood for my freedom and I am forever grateful. $1.00 – $160.00. You set the price. Whatever you can afford.

I know this is a m4m massage site although I am very comfortable working on both male and female clients.

Thanks again and I look forward to connecting!


About Him

In my early career my desire to help others and promote the well-being and growth of communities was expressed through film production and video editing. I quickly learned that change seems most effective on a basis and not necessarily through film and media. This transitioned me into a career in fitness and corrective exercise. Fitness training took my perspective one level deeper, realizing many of the health problems or negative attitudes towards fitness stemmed from an internal system out of balance and trying to compensate and adapt to compromised energy sources. I recently moved to the desert to focus and work on healing arts. In my free time I enjoy working on art, singing, dancing, playing music, writing, lifting weights, mixed martial arts, tennis, and spending time with friends.


Your location 60 min. $120.00


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