Taoist Soul Journey

Relax your entire being - body, mind, and soul



About his bodywork

* I combine gentle nurturing touch with the warmth of my heart to create a uniquely crafted and transformative massage experience. This is an opportunity for you to totally let go, release all tension, and feel the joy of your senses. I engage my body, heart and soul to guide you on an uplifting journey. The real power within massage is to establish a deeper level of trust that allows your entire being - body, mind, heart and soul, to fully relax. My approach is structured with gradual levels of touch to build that trust. My goal is to leave you feeling relaxed, uplifted, and deeply connected with the radiance inside you.

My approach is very accepting, honoring, and heart-focused. I connect well with men of all ages, types and sizes. I've found that my process works particular well with men in their mature years who appreciate gentle touch.

I draw on my extensive training in Taoist massage, breathing techniques, and from my years of experience of working with others. In addition to training through Body Electric School, I've also had direct guidance from Joseph Kramer, the founder of the school and a master teacher of healing touch. My work is very safe oriented and driven by a nurturing, touch-based process. This work is a deep soul calling and it’s a honor for me to share it with others.

My multi-layered approach is a deep experience and requires a longer window of time to feel complete. Due to the potency of the work, I'm able to do only a small number of sessions each week. Below are the options I recommend for a first session. Other options are available as well. Longer sessions allow you to relax more deeply into the experience.

90-minuite Session: $160
2-hour Classic Session: $200
3-hour Extended Session: $300

The journey starts with a conversation over the phone. I can also answer questions via e-mail or text before we talk. Texting works best for making initial contact. I look forward to hearing from you.


About Him

I've had a number of powerful experiences that have shaped my life and bodywork practice. These include several extensive workshops in Taoist-style massage through Body Electric School, direct guidance from Joseph Kramer, the founder of Body Electric, coach training through Coach Training Institute (CTI), and ongoing explorations in yoga and meditation. Most importantly, my sixteen years of experience of practicing this work has given me many powerful insights, allowing me to take the work to new levels.

I was born in the midwest and have had the honor of living in several major cities around the country. I moved to Dallas in 2014 to be closer to parents during their senior years.

I previously used the alias of Alex, so some of the reviews refer to me by that name. I now prefer to use my formal name, which is Curtis. Portrait photos shown were taken in 2016.

Connecting with others on a nurturing heart level is what has most meaning for me. That is the foundation of my work.


In-studio 90 min. $160.00
120 min. $200.00


Near Indiana Street & N. Malcolm X Blvd.
Dallas, TX 75226
Outcalls within 25 miles