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About his bodywork

About 8 years ago I discovered one of my true passions, I found myself highly enjoying Massage Therapy. It has been extremely rewarding being able to dramatically change the way you feel and empower you to attain a new level of health and wellbeing. With my expertise gained over the years along with the advanced training of different massage modalities and dedication to the art of muscle manipulation allow me to do exceptional massages crafted for your individual needs.

I strongly encourage clients to get 90 min sessions, especially for deep tissue massage where time has to be spent assessing, palpating, warming and softening the more superficial muscle tissues, necessary to allow access to the deeper muscle tissues and simultaneously it takes time for the client to relax mentally finding their own breathing rhythms to achieve a massage session never experienced before.

Your massage session will start with the key factor INTUITION and the correct pressure needed to knead out aches and pains, my touch is nurturing and caring yet highly skilled to put you at ease. Done in a peaceful massage studio located in the Capitol hill area of Denver, easy to find and free parking available. The room itself is a therapeutic and relaxing environment filled with the most relaxing sounds and scents to take you out of this world and bring you into tranquility.

l hope to be able to work on you soon, Namaste.

Hey, while booking an appointment you could pair a massage with some professional body hair grooming if you need to get cleaned up, trimmed, waxed or shaved it would make you feel and look amazing!

About Him

I'm a caring type of guy who's found his path of life in helping people and how positive and rewarding it really has been to me to be able to help them through the art of healing massage therapy.
I enjoy staying active doing yoga and some days go out for a good run around the park in a sunny bright day it keeps me in shape and with a clear mind to take on life as it comes. I strongly believe in keeping a balance within ourselves body, mind and soul. Namaste.


In-studio 60 min. $80.00
90 min. $120.00
Your location 60 min. $120.00
90 min. $160.00


Near 9th Ave. & Sherman St.
Denver, CO 80203
Outcalls within 25 miles