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Pure relaxation in the hands of a master



About his bodywork

Touch is a vital part of balanced health for men. My relaxing massage sessions offer an escape from your work-a-day life to connect with your own body through the healing power of touch.

Please note: I can only accommodate outcall massage appointments at this time. Thank you!

Through relaxing strokes and gentle pressure I gather and direct your energy to flow throughout your entire body to melt away stress and increase the connection with your own body.

I have a strong knowledge of anatomy and physiology that really makes a difference in the massage. Each massage stroke has meaning, and time is not wasted during the session.

Treat yourself with my rejuvenating sessions.


I work on a bed for outcalls. I will bring my table, ONLY, if it is discussed while booking the session.

I specialize in Swedish, deep tissue massage, reflexology, accupressure, and trigger point therapy.

The energy healing modalities (for the mind-body-spirit balance) are White Time, Reiki, Sound Healing, and Crystal & Gemstone therapies.

Other than Reiki, which flows through my hands constantly during your session, these other modalities may be integrated into your therapeutic or relaxing session, per your request while scheduling your appointment. Integrating them requires prior planning.

Send me a message if you are interested in learning more about these more advanced healing modalities for physical/emotional/spiritual healing and growth.

I also feature superfood medicinal mushroom coffee tea and supplements. These incredible products will increase your health and wellness beyond measure, keeping you vibrant and energized between sessions. Ask me for a sample!!

Email, Call, or, Text is best: 415-420-6232

About Him

My background:
I have been practicing massage therapy and the art of touch professionally since 2004. After receiving certification at the Stillpoint School of Massage Therapy in Greenfield MA, I moved to the San Francisco Bay area where I put my healing talents to work in a very successful private practice. I also developed Men’s Massage Workshops that explore the art of touch for individuals and couples to enhance their skills in massage.

My motivation:
I was encouraged to pursue massage therapy by a close friend who had received countless massages all over the world, who was adamant that my massage is “the best” even before I received any professional training.

My abilities were also reflected in a discussion with the founder and director of the StillPoint Massage Program just prior to my graduation.

She said, “In the twenty years of teaching massage, I have never encountered someone as gifted and talented as you. I knew since the first time you laid your hands on me that you have ‘eyes in your fingertips’ and that you will heal many people.”

I continue to receive feedback from clients that support her belief in my abilities.

My unparalleled touch sensitivity stems from having studying classical piano since I was eight years old, and the fact that I am intuitively empathic.

My other talents and interests:
I have a Master's Degree in Music composition, specializing in classical and electro-acoustic meditative/healing music, poet, sound healer, shaman, crystal & gemstone healing therapist, Reiki Master, and personal health and spiritual life coach.

Some achievements:
4 self-produced albums of original music
1 self-published book of poetry
Certified Universal White Time Gemstone Healing Teacher
Founder of the Lemurian School of Intuitive Natural Healing


Your location 60 min. $140.00
90 min. $200.00
120 min. $240.00


Near Route 57 & Main Street
Agawam, MA 01001
Outcalls within 50 miles