Masterful Massage by Bob Patrick

Back from Hiatus! Accepting Limited Reservations



About his bodywork

With decades of experience serving men and women around the world, I'm the one you want for your next session. I'm back from hiatus and accepting limited numbers of reservations.

It is rare to find a man of my age, body type and experience who provides such quality, innovative massage and bodywork.

I’m 67 now and I've been practicing since my high school and college days. It's no exaggeration to say that I've worked on and learned from thousands of clients, ranging in age from their late-teens to mid 80's.

As a result, I have a session that's just right for you regardless whether you're male or female, straight, transgender, gay, bisexual or still exploring.

My Approach

I provide a blend of Esalen, Swedish, and deep tissue massage. While my range of pressure and technique helps relieve physical stress, our interpersonal communication may help address underlying personal issues.

Most clients experience tension and pain in their neck and shoulders. Their second most-common complaint is lower back pain. My work addresses these areas using custom equipment and unique techniques.

But aside from particular pains, you need to feel pampered in a safe, quiet space. Here you can relax, unwind, and escape awhile from professional and personal stressors.

My studio is a comfortable, clean, unscented environment. Time is included if you wish to shower before and/or after the session. I arrange parking for you prior to your visit.

The Menu

The sessions are usually 90 minutes in length: a full hour for bodywork and massage, and 15 additional minutes before and after to chat, change and shower.

No single combination can meet everyone's tastes and needs. So my approach is a'la carte. If you have special requests or if anything isn't to you liking, there are other innovations to enjoy.

We'll begin with some relaxed conversation to get acquainted and help me learn more about your needs. The session begins with some simple and effective stretching to help target sore spots, increase blood flow, and align your posture.

I have a wonderfully comfortable professional massage table. But more often I offer clients a range of equipment and positions that they've not experienced before.

A vertical massage chair is ideal for me to work on your head, neck and shoulders. It also gives me great access to your mid and lower back, piriformis and upper gluteus muscles.

An upholstered reclining massage chair lets you lay back and breathe easily while I tend to your feet and calves, hamstrings and quads, torso, arms and hands.

The signature portion of the session is my "UltraMassage." You're positioned on a custom "massage mound" that lets me work on your backside, from head to toes. Long gliding strokes range from feather-light to my full body weight.

Follow-up is customized to keep each return visit unique so you won't get bored. While each session is tailored to the client, some techniques work only for those who are height-weight proportional.

My Context

I'm soon to begin my twelfth year of continuously providing massage and bodywork to clients here in Los Angeles. During that time I've also served men and women in cities across the U.S. and in Europe. And I've been introduced to millions through YouTube videos, podcasts and cable television.

My hiatus gave me time to replenish myself, strengthen ties to friends and family, and explore a new and deeply meaningful relationship. As a result, I return to a more conservative schedule better able to address your range of needs.

Part of what I bring to your session is a long, fascinating life. Additional to my massage and bodywork, I've enjoyed successful careers in broadcasting, A/V production, health education, writing and editing. I also serve as an Executive Coach to business women and men in many professions.

I believe you'll find that my sessions are a calming and centering retreat. As I enjoy this phase in my life I'm better able to share with you heightened intuition, clarified focus and restorative energy.

I invite you to text, email or call me to reserve your session.
I look forward to pleasing you soon.



In-studio 60 min. $120.00
90 min. $160.00


Near Crescent Heights & Fountain Avenue
West Hollywood, CA 90046