Blaise Martin CMT, Deep Tissue

Prof. Deep Tissue & Sports



About his bodywork

My work is deep and specific incorporating a variety of modalities and techniques. My practice began in South Dakota in 1993; soon after I moved to Boulder Colorado where I attended the Boulder School of Massage. The comprehensive curriculum included Swedish, Shiatsu, Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofascial, Swedish, Deep Tissue along with electives in Watsu, Thai Massage, Hydrotherapy and many more.

I graduated with honors after completing 1000+ hours in class training, along with an 50 hour hospital based internship program where I worked in hospice. This experience influenced my work that developed into a more treatment-specific approach.

I will always remember my first weekly client. Judy a woman afflicted with Multiple Sclerosis, although she has since past away, Judy was an inspiring teacher enabling me with the courage and empathy needed when faced with serious disease. Being able to witness the benefits of massage with these amazing clients has been a gift.

Having nearly two decades of experience in the field of massage and bodywork, I feel blessed to have found such a fulfilling career.

About Him

i grew up in North Dakota and South Dakota. I began studying massage right after high school. My first instructor was 70 year old woman named Alice Smith. She taught classes out her house and her living room was our class room, took pride in her work, as she should. She was the the treasurer of the Colorado chapter of the American Massage Therapy Association in 1950. I obtained my first certification 150 hour certification in 1992 and joined the AMTA.

Two years later I moved to Boulder Colorado and after graduation, I packed up the U-haul and drove to San Francisco arriving in on July 4th, 1996 with $1500 dollars in my pocket.

I worked odd jobs to make ends meet.


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