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About his bodywork


I love to provide a caring and deeply healing experience for my clients. In my tranquil, comfortable setting you will leave the day's concerns and tensions behind. I can readily adapt my custom repertoire of massage styles and skills as I 'read' your body to help you maintain your good health or to address particular aches or discomforts. Entrust your body to my nurturing rejuvenating touch. Relax and let go!

My desire is to give you the best experience that I can offer. And this is what you can expect!

Please feel free to call or text me for an appointment or if you have any questions.


HIMALAYAN SALTE SCRUB and MASSAGE for 120 mins session only $180. A buildup of dead skin cells causes a rough, dull, aged appearance. Exfoliating the top layers of dehydrated cells promotes a youthful glowing skin, as well as many other benefits. Rubbing your skin with a quality salt scrub allows the texture of the salt scrub to exfoliate and refine the skin, leaving it clean and refreshed, and rubbing away any dead skin cells that cause your skin to look dull. The fine salt grains cleanse pores unlike any soap or cleanser can, allowing your skin to breathe easier. Then your body's already for kneading of muscles and joints, especially to relieve tension or pain

SIMPLE DETOX: HIMALAYAN BATH SALTS and MASSAGE for 120 mins session just $180. It's not only make skin baby-soft, but also efficiently detox the entire body.Your skin is an excretive organ that mirrors the condition of your intestines. When you take a brine bath, the salt minerals help your skin in the form of ions. Bio-energetic weak points will be balanced and your body's energy flow will be activated. So What time is it good for you please ^__^

With warmest regards and good health,

About Him

I'm a muscular 5.8 feet tall. Four Years of Professional training in my native country Thailand and celebrating my first anniversary providing my unique and personalised skills for the health and well-bring of my San Francisco clients!


Massage Therapy
In-studio 70 min. $120.00
100 min. $140.00
Head and shoulder massage therapy 30 min. $50.00
Spa Services
Himalayan salt scrub and massage 120 min. $180.00


Near Geary & Levernworth
San Francisco, CA 94109