About his bodywork

With YOUR WELL-BEING as my focus in approach, I do my best to create repeat clientele. People who seek me out will refer me because I've made a difference in their lives.

In a full body massage, I'm committed to making your time here incredibly effective. The massage is soothing, invigorating, and enjoyable.

I offer a combination of Swedish and Deep Tissue style therapies. I use deep tissue and pressure to relieve your body of any stress, aches or pain.

This is really an incredible (SPORTS MASSAGE) style male massage experience. As your therapist, friend and host I'm dedicated to welcoming you into my home and meeting your bodys kneads with the values my mother instilled in me!! I'm not ashamed to be a man close to his mother who holds those value dear.

If you're sore from working out too hard or have been stressed out at work, I can help.


Massage and respect go hand in hand. As your Therapist, Friend and Host, I honor and value the time you take out of your own lives to come to me. While you are here for a specific purpose, I see it as mutually enhancing experience.

Regular great massages are proven to have wonderful affects on our minds, bodies and souls.

About Him

I believe that what you give and put out into the world comes back at you. TENFOLD! Therefore, I apply that ideology as a general rule in my life and work and with the people I come into touch with every day.

Trained and Certified, I have been a Massage Therapist for 5 years full time. I care about making people feel better and it shows in my craft.

I got into athleticism as I made necessary changes in my adult life, and grew to understand the body and physical fitness and well being in a way no schooling or text book can possibly teach. I apply that knowledge and use what I learn daily and incorporate new and exciting forms of health, or 'physical wealth,' as I like to call it each and EVERY day!

I'm college educated with a degree in Business Marketing from a reputable school.

My outlook on life basically follows the school of : do unto others as you'd want done onto you!

Be Yourself, Do what makes you happy, be comfortable with who you are, because that is a BEAUTIFUL AND POWERFUL tool ... and an extremely attractive quality!!!

If you're not satisfied with things in your life, don't get down on yourself... make changes in the right direction.. those changes lead to improvements!

Make the most of the rest of your life TODAY!

The world is a tough enough place without people putting other down. I believe in empowering yourself by empowering others!

Kindness is SO SEXY!!

I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve and believe that there is nothing wrong with welcoming a stranger into your home or office as long as you do it with kindness and warmth because it is THOSE QUALITIES that bridges the (strange) factor, highlights our similarities and allows us to understand and respect our differences.


In-studio 60 min. $160.00


Near West 143rd Street & Riverside Drive
New York, NY 10031