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About his bodywork

Hi, I'm Axél.

I grew up in a shamanic culture being educated on healing the soul and body through spiritual healing and holistic approaches. I enjoy helping others reach a state of peace and rejuvenation through positivity and wellness. Incorporating 8 eastern modalities of bodywork (such as acupressure, thai bodywork, and energy anatomy), with western wellness practices in deep tissue work/holistic healing; I've spent a great deal of time learning about the body, its chemical reactions to touch, pressure, and herbals to maximize a euphoric trance. Providing a profound experience. My bodywork style provides a balance of physical, and spiritual healing to reach ultimate stress relief.

I began my craft in m4m massage three years ago because I saw the need many men have to improve their overall physical and spiritual well-being. I'm really passionate about men's health, healing, and male massage. All men benefit greatly from the tremendous healing power of touch.

I'm working towards my N.D. I practice, as well as teach yoga, meditation, and tai chi; incorporating them into every session. My movements are fluid which helps you peacefully unwind and relax. My touch ranges in pressure depending on your body's needs. Sound and Aroma therapies are included as part of every session. Organic odorless oils are only used. Therapy starts off light, and progresses in pressure & technique. I am an expert at listening to your body and working with it to promote your overall wellness and help you feel brand new.

Whether you want to relax, work out some kinks in the body, or achieve fitness goals, I can help. All treatments are custom tailored to focus on your personal goals with your specific needs in mind to treat the areas where your body needs the most attention

I have several treatment options with varying levels of metaphysical and massage level.

Please feel free to reach out if you have questions or if you would like to check my availability.

I am unavailable to travel at this time.
All appointments are 1/hr, and can be upgraded.

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ॐ OM!

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About Him

Shamanic Spiritual healer, Holistic healer, & Multimedia Designer.

I am a manifestation shamanic practitioner, specializing in Western European, Taino and Caribbean spiritual arts. I have extensive training and experience in holistic, ancient, and eastern healing. I have over ten years in shamanic life coaching and spiritual counseling. I am a psychic with the ability to fortune tell, read the soul & mind, and much much more. I have been helping the community with it's metaphysical and spiritual needs for the last 10 years, with an additional 9 years of prior training. I am a true healer to the core & I'm confident that I can bring you to balance physically and spiritually.

I find beauty in more than just what's at base level. I consider myself a form of the most lucid substances, adapting, progressing, evolving. I enjoy flowers, children being pure to their moment, and the connected theory behind quantum shamanism.

Adventure is my life. Freedom is my ultimate prize.

I am a musician, producer, photographer, and digital artist! My art grasps moments of human intimacy, aesthetics, and my personal spiritual interaction with the world.

I always aim to create new positive experiences, friendships, and memories.

I'm super friendly, well educated, kind, and easy to feel comfortable with. I'm a great conversationalist, joker, and free spirit. I spend a lot of time reading about philosophy, physical hypnosis, energy anatomy, business, and alternative medicine. It is a pleasure to help people reach healthier states of well being through holistic healing, alternative medicine; sharing my knowledge, experience, and loving positive energy with others.

One of the most stunning individuals you will ever meet;

A constant positive blossom, I'm Axél.

ॐ OM


In-studio 60 min. $80.00
75 min. $100.00


Based in Clawson, MI 48017