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About his bodywork

OUT OF COUNTRY (2/26-3/10)
Travel, adventure, and a love of morphology has culminated a technique fit for the finest of the animal kingdom. Having spent a couple summers in Thailand receiving $4 massages, I learned to pay attention to the knowing touch of the best Thai mamas. Carrying that knowledge into college, I rediscovered the benefit of self-massage after a few hours of Ultimate Frisbee practice in the rain. The benefits of intuitive healing touch have not left me since.

My massage is influenced by hands-on healers in Guatemala, Southeast Asia, and here in the U.S. Custom massages designed to satisfy your needs include your choice of scented aromatherapy, a calm relaxing environment, and whatever soundtrack you choose from Spotify (If I am given the choice of selection, night sounds of the deepest and darkest jungles will fill the room.)

About Him

OUT OF COUNTRY (2/26-3/10)
I am a fit/toned, healthy, 28 year old biologist. I have worked with a variety of wildlife including primates, canids, bats, sea turtles, and birds. When strapped for cash in college, my need for travel resulted in a number of hitchhiking adventures around North America. One trip, I hitched from the Bay Area to Florida, just to see an alligator in the Everglades. Another summer I ventured out only to find myself in Alaska, licking glaciers, photographing grizzlies, and backpacking in Denali. The last trip I made, I hitched, sailed, cruised, bussed, and ferried my way to Africa. For this Animalman, no adventure is off the table.


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