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About his bodywork

Hi, I'm a brazilian model, 5'9and 178lbs, muscular, masculine e Very nice person . I'm a massage man expert with a few years of a powerful massage for men.
I'm open To all body types and all man's types, gay, bi and Straight.
I am extremely calm, cool and collected and I know that is very important to make you have a relaxing experience.

I always make certain that everything is to your satisfaction , from room temperature, music, lighting and most importantly massage . My goal is to melt away your stress and tension and see you others time as a satisfied repeat client.

About Him

I'm brazilian, 25years old , degree in physical education in São Paulo, SP Brazil.
I started my massage schooling in São Paulo- Brazil. I learned a lot of great techniques. Then I moved to Dallas-TX and today I'm based in Austin-TX, I travel all USA working and learning more about massage.

I'm a really friendly person and am always polite to everyone, so don't fret if you're nervous. I will never judge you or be rude when you have questions . My massage is very professional.


In-studio 60 min. $150.00
Your location 60 min. $180.00


Near Machete trail & Eddystone st
Austin, TX 78729
Outcalls within 5 miles