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Amazing Male Masseur Best Hands You Will Ever Encounter



About his bodywork

I am a Amazing male massage therapist. Over a decade of experience. I take the frustration, drama out this business. Calculated and educated and punctual. Avid fitness and bodybuilder. My massage is unique because my body is hand crafted and unique I am a big guy 6ft 3 240 lbs. I have developed the ultimate m4m massage style using my body combining all standard massage techniques making you feel completely blanketed. My service is non rushed. My energy is in tune. I believe massage is about hard work but also about aura and energy and how one carries themselves what you carry reflects and transfers. My pressure is perfect. My styles that I have perfected and combined in one incorporate Swedish, deep tissue, Rolfing, hellerwork, craniosacral therapy, Aston patterning, feldenkrias and trager.

I have done work in many parts of the United States. I am cultured and very diverse minded. I don't judge anyone for any reason. I am extremely in depth and great to chat with. I understand all cultures I can guarantee you this massage will be your favorite. It will be like that first mind blowing massage you remember that sent you on tangents looking for someone to replicate that 1 of a kind massage.

I use independent climate controls, heated oil which is ultra unique, essential oils if preferred and hot stones incorporated into my movements. Neat clean and hygienic towels and table. I am also a personal trainer and do dietary work. My body I try to make a reflection of my work. I truly enjoy helping guys get there confidence, energy and drive back.

I do not have any hidden charges or fees. Only thing I charge extra for is essential oil treatments. I use 100% essential oils that are organic. I do chakra balancing. Many do not know the benefits of essential oils. This has a wonderful effect on the limbic system and helps soothe your flight or fight sense s. Also helps with stress, well being and over all cortisol. $10 extra for this applications to pulse point s, crown and sacrum areas.

I work for a HRT clinic - I specialize in full hormone replacement therapy . I can get guys setup on hgh testosterone and peptides therapy. I am 7 years advanced in new anti aging and hrt therapy. One thing is certain when you're trying to get in shape or develop a better drive energy or sleep if your hormones are trash and they're not in an ideal cascade you're not going to get much of a result.

If time is a issue I offer over the phone consulting. Meal planning, supplementation, diet, Hrt consultation. I can save you allot of time, money and frustration in the fitness industry. The is done via cc card.


In-studio 60 min. $120.00
90 min. $150.00
120 min. $240.00
Your location 60 min. $180.00
90 min. $250.00
120 min. $300.00


Near Washington st & Charles bank rd
Boston, MA 02458