Therapeutic Thai Massage By Ahdam

5th. Generation Hands on Healer



About his bodywork

Just came back from Phuket Thailand where I participated in additional Thai massage training. I am skilled in the art of Thai, shiatsu, and reflexology. I don't discriminate, I'll work on straight, gay, and bi-sexual men and women. I use many varied techniques: including Thai, Swedish, and Shiatsu to ensure that I correct any of your ailments to reduce points of discomfort and stress. I also specialize in reflexology, which is a technique of acupressure massage for your hands and feet, which results in further calming the nervous system. I have a strong yet comforting touch that keep my clients coming back to me again and again. I am in great demand in many cities here in Atlanta and in the Southeast region of the States. I have many of my clients tell me that I am the best massage therapist that they have ever had and I can only attribute that to the many generations of therapists in my family lineage. I believe the truest gift of a craftsman of the art of massage must have a natural innate calling. I'm proud to be that kind of great massage therapist. I am told that I have a warm and inviting energy that makes clients feel very comfortable. I use aroma therapy and soothing music to calm you into full relaxation. One session with me and you will feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and revitalized. You will find this to be your destination for all your neuromuscular therapy needs.

About Him

Ahdam is a 5th.generation massage therapist and an intuitive healer, he was trained by his mother in the world class Thai massage therapy. He is learned and skilled in varied areas of holistic health, nutritional counseling,and supplementation. Living as a young man on an island in Phuket Thailand Ahdam was able to experience and observe his grandmothers healing touch first hand. Ahdam is a passionate and personable therapist that is eager to assist with your healing needs.


In-studio 60 min. $65.00


Near Piedmont Ave. & Cheshire Bridge Ave.
Atlanta, GA 30309
Outcalls within 50 miles