$29.99 Hour Full Body Mass. 24/7

Still Best Glute Work Ever! In and Outcall



About his bodywork

Summer special!! I'm offering a 1 hour full body massage at an introductory rate of $29.99! The offer extends to new and former clients for one session. Longer sessions are avail at my regular rate of $1/ min beyond the hour.

I am still offering the unlimited monthly massage membership. How many of us made new years resolutions to take better care of ourselves this year? More time in the gym, eating better? What a perfect compliment to your commitment this year of wellness by adding massage into your program. Everyone I talk to says they'd get more massages if they could afford them. Here is that opportunity!

Imagine massages 2-3 times a week, could get very expensive. I'm offering the membership at $100/mo. With the pass its puts your hourly rate at $25 if you came once a week. The pass covers a 1 hour session per day. If you desire longer sessions you can add time at my regular rate of $1/minute for up to a 3 hour session. Gratuity and out call are both still applicable.

If you're just visiting Dallas, I offer a free 30 minute full body massage to anyone. What most clients are doing is taking the first 30 minutes and adding additional time for longer sessions at $1/minute. While the first 30 minutes is free, I hope you would consider gratuity for the time.

I offer one of the most unique relaxing massage experiences you'll find anywhere. Slower pace, strong hands with a very detailed protocol, combining elements of deep tissue, sports and shiatsu create what I call my signature massage.

Unique protocols I developed working with elite level athletes including the best glute and piriformis work ever. For most of 2010 I partnered with a Chiropractor who was an Iron Man competitor himself. His client base was largely elite level athletes, other Iron Man competitors, tri-athletes, cyclists and marathoners.

I also travelled as the exclusive massage therapist for a prominent cycling team in Austin. Working with these athletes I developed unique lower body protocols to meet their specific needs that you won’t find anywhere else.

My private studio is 2 mins from 75 & Lemmon in a cool renovated 100 yr old bldg.

Draping opt, short notice & late appt's ok. I offer shorter appts if you're tight on time and up to 3 hours. Cash and debit / credit cards accepted.

Craig 512.317.2269

About Him

I am pleased to be part of a team introducing this revolutionary technology to the DFW area. Needless acupuncture is a proven, tested technology that Dr. Oz said will be the greatest breakthrough in the medical field for next decade. He stated “The ability to measure and manipulate the body’s natural flow of energy the way the Chinese have done for thousands of years with acupuncture will be the biggest breakthrough in medicine over the next 10 years.” The company I’ve partnered with is the first to bring a suite of products that address pain issues, energy, sleep issues, weight management, allergies and high performance for athletes based on acupuncture science without drugs, medicines, chemicals of any kind and THIS IS NOT ACUPRESSURE.

It’s my goal to create the ultimate massage relaxation experience and integrating this technology into the session is the final step. Imagine walking into my studio and noticing the crisp purified ionized air immediately. You know that smell right after a rain storm, my studio feels like that all the time. Through the crisp clean air the only scent you recognize is sugar cinnamon cookie candle burning which takes everyone to a happier place at one time or another. You notice the music that is low but enveloping the space as the door closes behind you the soothing tones become more prevalent as you mentally start to allow yourself relax and unwind. A playlist carefully created of the best from a composer whose music has been deemed “the most relaxing music in the world.” As you get situated on my tempure-pedic table, you immediately notice a difference as you begin to float, let go and melt into the soft supple linens atop my table.

Once situated, you will notice a subtle increase in heart rate due to the chips integrated into the table and feel general sense of well being as the chips balance out your meridians. I’ve integrated chips which increase circulation, balance your energy, increase your metabolism and if you should fall asleep (which most do,) allows you to get into that deep REM restorative degree of sleep faster and stay there longer. Just for trying out the energy massage, I’m offering a free chip that protects you from your cell phone. Prior to the massage I will show you how our technology works via a couple of muscle tests. I will show you how your cell phone makes you 10-15% weaker just by having it within arms reach. Ill also show you how one of our chips can increase your strength, endurance and mental clarity by 20%.


In-studio 60 min. $29.99
90 min. $60.00
120 min. $90.00
180 min. $150.00


Near central expressway & Lemmon Ave
Dallas, TX 75204
Outcalls within 50 miles