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absorbtion in bliss



About his bodywork

Looking for a relaxing experience? Need to find a place to escape the stress and strains of your day? Looking for that secret oasis of peace in your life? You know already how beneficial a therapeutic touch is to your body and mind, but what about your heart as well? Why not take up a massage with someone who takes time to care for you, who not only soothes you but brings you into your own sheathes of bliss. Come on in my friends

About Him

Greetings to you and thank you sincerely for taking time to look over this page. My name is Adam and I am licensed to practice massage. A little bit about me, I am 27 years old and I love my profession. Massage is a graceful and rewarding service that I personally love to offer. I have met many beautiful people through my work and I am always looking forward to meet new personalities. At the onset I am a very laid back guy and I am very easy to get along with. My studio is located in the beautiful neighborhood of coral ridge ft Lauderdale, two minutes away from the galleria mall.
On my down time I like to spend it developing myself, physically and spiritually. I take time to go to the gym regularly so that I can feel good in my own body and maintain health in body and mind. I also practice yoga and meditate twice daily. I value the importance of meditation simply because it has allowed me to expand my sense of self greater than anything else I have ever encountered in my life. Bliss and clarity of thought carries itself into my personality, into my surroundings, into my work, into my touch, and very often into my clients.
I am also an avid painter and a crystal collector. My original work and collection is displayed throughout my studio space, giving off a very heightened, nurturing energy that lends itself to your experience with me.

For my clients i ask that you shower before your appointment and please be respectful of my space and personal boundaries. I am a very easy going person and i enjoy making others feel blissed. So please allow me to give you a excellent experience worth returning again and again

License NO. MA 70653


Standard massage 60 min. $80.00
90 min. $100.00


Near sw 26th ave & ne 14th st
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304