Massage infused with Reiki healing

In DC until Saturday morning (have a pace until Fri morning )



About his bodywork

Healing, liberating and rejuvenating massage experience!

NOTE: Masseurfinder email feature is difficult to use so please call/text me :) (917) 574-3145

I offer everything from a regular deep tissue massage to sensorial massage. I work with men, women, gay or straight. However most of my clients are gay men. I use a strong pressure or mild if you prefer. Within the physical massage I may integrate energy healing to create better rejuvination and mental clarity for you. I have my table with me and prefer to use it but I am open to doing your massage on a bed if that is your preference. You may choose to be draped or undraped to accommodate your level of comfort. Before, during or after the session feel free to ask me any questions, address specific concerns or request on how you would like your massage. I will make sure that this will be the best massage you have ever had!

Also, upon your request... I can offer you experienced Numerology Reading or Life Coaching to provide you with guidance and advice during or after your session.


About Him

I believe in a Holistic perception on life in general and when healing the human body. I treat every person to suit his own unique constitution.

*I work with all kinds of people: Gay,straight,men and women.

*Into nature and being natural

*Certified massage therapist (11 years experience)

*Former spa owner

*Meditation coach

*Energy healer/Reiki practitioner

*Numerologist/life coach


In-studio 60 min. $125.00
60 min. $150.00
Your location 60 min. $150.00
90 min. $175.00

Travel schedule

  • Feb. 22 - 23: Richmond, VA
  • Feb. 23 - 25: Washington, DC
  • Feb. 25 - 26: Rehoboth Beach, DE
  • Feb. 26 - 27: Atlantic City, NJ
  • March 01 - 04: Jersey City, NJ