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I am a Medical ICU RN volunteering for a Medical Mission to the Philippines in Jan. 26-Feb. 6, 2017. I am raising funds to help with my volunteer costs ($3,400 plus lost wages!) for my participation for this humanitarian event. Thus, I am offering my 90-min Thai Massage for only $95 thru Jan. 24. I have never dropped my rates this low, ever! Your massage fee will help poor children & families receive healthcare treatments for the first time!

My professional LEGIT massage is a unique powerful blend of Zen-Thai techniques incorporating direct pressure, stretching, and Shiatsu that will make you feel relaxed and liberated.

Your entire being will be stimulated to repair and heal itself. Body, mind, and spirit therapy that will create inner peace & balance.

This is a professional therapeutic Thai massage. STRICTLY LEGIT only. This is not a wimpy lotion rub.

Jan. 16/Mon, Unavailable
Jan. 17/Tue, Unavailable
Jan. 18/Wed, 4pm-12mindnight
Jan. 19/Thur, 10am-10pm
Jan. 20/Fri, 10am-10pm
Jan. 21/Sat, 10am-10pm

Jan. 22/Sun, 9am-12noon
Jan. 23/Mon, Unavailable
Jan. 24/Tue, 4pm-12mindnight

***Jan. 25 – Feb. 20 Unavailable***

1. PLEASE BE FRESHLY SHOWERED. This is a full body m4m massage and I distribute direct pressure using my body weight (Equally, I am freshly showered between each client).

2. Prior to your massage, please disclose any injuries, surgeries, or “areas of concern” to allow customization of your session based on your specific needs.

I am a certified Traditional Thai Massage Instructor. I am trained in Chiang Mai, Thailand and in California. I have been doing massages for 15 years, both in & out of the hospital. I have a Masters degree in Nursing and very extensive work experience with the human body and its disorders/diseases.

I am a practicing California Registered Nurse and I work full-time as a Critical Care Nurse in a local SD hospital.

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