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ello and welcome to my page,

About me:
My name is Serge and I've been doing massage for over 8 yrs now. I'm 6ft 1inch 270 all muscle. I used to be a personal trainer and still practice on occasion. I've been bodybuilding for over 10 yrs and have done some physique shows in the past. Currently im getting more into the strongman competitions. Although I'm big, I'm a friendly gentle giant, with a warm personality. So hope you like big muscle guys : )

Update: Currently leaning out and tightening up a bit. So muscles are more defined and visible. Also more vascular.

The Experience:
My specialty is gentle deep tissue. What I mean by that is you will feel the massage but not in an uncomfortable way. My size and strength allows me to perform long deep strokes. Not just dig my elbow in you and go to town. I can also to a relaxing Swedish style with transitions so smooth, you'll be in ecstasy. I'm very intuitive and can read your body language very well.

Location and Ambiance:
I'm located about 5 miles west on McNab (North Lauderdale). I have a private, safe and clean studio which is attached to my house. Easy parking and I will greet you outside. I have no problem traveling anywhere from Miami to West Palm Beach.

Good luck in your search and please read the testimonials before you make a decision.

Thank you!

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