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give massages the way I like to get them. I believe massages should be intimate, personal, relaxing, healing and spiritual.

I specialize in full body, deep tissue, Swedish, therapeutic, Musical, m4m massage. Most of my clientele are Straight, bi or gay men.

I was a cello major in college, which means you will get a massage unlike any you've experienced in your life. I will play your body as if it were my cello. I have clients that come from all over the world to see me on a regular basis because my massage is like no other. I close my eyes and get lost in your body... I can often read you after the massage without having said one word to you.

My music selection varies from classical to gospel to classic rock to R&B to broadway. I put my playlist (with hours and hours of my favorite songs) on random shuffle and let the music lead the way. This is great because the massage is completely authentic and "in the moment." ALSO, if you have a playlist of music you would like me to play during your massage please speak up! :)

I am also a fitness instructor and personal trainer, so my massage is also great for athletes and can be sports specific.

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