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West Village Manhattan NYC by Christopher and West

I just returned from a one month Spa in Mexico city.

Ask About my Frequent Flyer Offer when calling me person to person for Regular and frequent affordable bodywork.

Please I prefer you CALL BY PHONE to speak today for immediate response and Text 917-686-3792!

Creative, Dynamic, Customized Massage Traditional Modalities include Trigger Points Deep Tissue Neuromuscular and Pain Managment TCM style.

I am Known as Miami Beach Massage in NYC West Village by Kevin.

My specialities are many is in Sports Bodywork and TABLE THAI otherwise known as YOGASSAGE (a registered trademark modality),.

Eastern or Oriental Bodyworks, Western trained in all Modalities Customized FLEXABILITIES Western Stretching Deep Tissue Advanced Traditional Massage Therapeutic Modalities; TCM, Jin Shin DO and Jitsu, Yogassage & Ayurveda.

My advanced studies include Bachelor of Science and Masters including Teaching and Social Work duties in ALL Massage Modalities PHYSIOTHERAPEUTICS like TCM and Western Physical Therapy Clinic. I have attended many Bodywork Movement Modality andMassage programs and NY State Approved Allied Yoga Based Therapeutic Certifications. I worked a Non Profits teaching Health Literacy.

resulted in my fascination with Oriental Bodywork. This advanced emersion graduated me as a Certified Yogassage Therapist of Oriental Bodywork C.M.T. Certified YogaMassage Therapist

‎"If you want things to be different, perhaps the answer is to become different yourself." ~ N.V.Peale ...........! "Ananda means Bliss and can be enhanced from Custom Oriental based TABLEWORKS. The autobiography of this Yogi is my practices evolved out of Yoga and Massage..

Trained action in motion while relaxing enables to restore oneself.

Ayurveda is the science Life and Accredited Indian Holistic Modality including Ayurveda Indian Massage practice. The purpose is to enhance well being and entrain a sense of well being and equanimity. Joy is a natural state. Bliss Ananda Equanimity are taught.

Traditional Chinese Massage Modalities Training Is My Masters level Graduate studies after my Bachelor Of Science Degree I earned at New York University. I am super supportive of Fellowship so I send this Shout out to all Students and people training in physical arts and Science Programs all levels anywhere and in NYC. Make sure you mention to me your educational and professional endeavors and enterprise programs and course works when meeting. I love to apply Yang and Yin Approaches to all Therapeutics.

Oriental Bodywork is a collection of Bodywork modalities many certifications of art and science, a school of thought, a philosophy... INTEGRATION. In this sense represents a process through which one can achieve an integrated experience of being-ness Wellness and Wholeness,. The (Yogassage) process enables us to Relax and restore from Stress.

Travelers', Local dancers & Athletes particularly and really everyone benefits from STRETCHING THERA-PEUTICS Massage fellowship is like sports fellowships like Partnered restorative table YOGASSAGE. The dynamic THAI style is all about experiencing joy & bliss of relation from bodywork by unloading stress & relaxing deeply.

Welcome to my Great West Village Studio in New York City's Greenwich Village near Christopher St. & West side by Pier 45 at Hudson River Park. Viit Stonewall Monument and National Park and Gay and Lesbian center for The West Villages Historic contributions to Civil Rights Virtual Memorial.

Keep In Touch & visit me. I'm so happy to be back in NYC!! OK to call 7 days a week 10AM TO 10PM! Hotel Out Calls & Vacation Travelers Welcome but I prefer most of my sessions to be done at my studio!

All modalities are to de-stress, are for relaxation and may contain customized techniques to relieve tensions and enhance your energetic body, stretchability, your sense of well being or just to recharge.

Relax into healing in a relaxed session. Never stress on the way to your massage.

Then I'll deliver the most dynamic multi-dimensional Oriental Bodywork yogic inspired session. Your wishes for great bodywork will guide your experience.

Photo's posted merely to identify and feature Ayurvidya practice

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