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emporic Massage, is a technique I've developed over the past 15 years. I received my certification in 2000, having been trained at Health Masters' School Of Massage Therapy. My intent in receiving that education was to learn the correct methods for applying (to a persons body), the skill necessary for renewal, health, and a relieving of the body and mental, tension.

This massage can be understood as a gay massage, male massage, for the gay, male, m4m, bi sexual men, and yes the straight man.
Due to a slight issue on the site on changing my RATEs. 65/Hour and 95/Hour and one half. Rates can very dependent on the intensity of the massage.

I was a runner but more of a biker now. I do work out regularly, so understand how to help the individual that does those kinds of activities and more.

I insure that the environment I have prepared for you, is a comfortable temperature for you, and that the music is soothing and that my place is professional and clean. All this for your peace of mind. I also do incorporate aroma therapy and of course feed back, to help you maintain your post experience, or help you heal trouble areas of the body. I have a great appreciation for the effectiveness of massage, however if I do think other modalities can also help you, I will give the knowledge I can.

Please note that yes there are 2 ads listed here. I am sincere and capable to carry out what is required in a great massage to increase your overall health and wellbeing. Please refer to my reviews listed on the site. Thanks

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