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ello and thank you for initial consideration for this experience. As an avid athlete, I understand the need to maintain a regular regimen of focused muscle therapy. I've experienced a gambit of injuries over time which were the catalyst in my role change from client/patient to that of an informed and experienced therapist myself, capable of providing a completely restorative session. The male form is intricate and intriguing, well worth mapping and navigating over. I'm your Magellan ready to chart the course.

After an initial assessment, sessions typically begin with heat therapy while integrating cupping therapy and deeper pressure to assist with muscle repair. The massage is administered on a table where you'll find yourself enveloped in music, soft lighting and quality work that's lasting.

Please contact me via text/call from an unrestricted number. This will ensure a clear line of communication when setting up a session. This is one gay massage you deserve to experience.

Email him now or call