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I provide bodywork with light, medium or heavy pressure. My style is built on 18 years of doing massage as a hobby, formal training in massage school, and a half dozen continuing education workshops. One of my hero's is Erik Dalton, founder of the Pain Free Institute.

Each client is taken through two warm up stations before climbing onto the table. "Warm up stations?" asked a client. "Yes. Stretching, contracting and extending your extremities is the first. And, then I'm going to have you stand at the table while I move my forearms along your spine." A look of confusion crosses his face. "Okay...but, will any of this hurt?" "No. That costs extra."

When I'm not working on myclients on my heated table, I am writing about my experiences on the road on my blog. A few days ago, I was told by my editor to post more regularly and to stop hoarding my material for the book. I am complying. (Lol)

I hope I get to meet you. Meeting people of different backgrounds, body types, expectations, etc is like opening a Christmas present every time I open the door.


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