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assage has been called a necessity disguised as a luxury.

Honor yourself with a relaxing experience with aromatherapy and a combination of massage techniques learned around the world. Only organic oils are used so your skin will feel great.

You will feel ultimate relaxation -through specially selected sounds, aromas and of course, healing touch... to the point where you leave this world and can experience life from another perspective. As a result, no two massages are alike. Celebrate the art of touch and the healing power it offers us all. I work only on men, bi, gay and straight guys are all welcome.

This massage is not like any other you have experienced. It is a transformation - through connection. Difficult to put into words but timeless. If you're looking for a great male massage experience - you've found it.

Located in a peaceful, quiet non-doorman apartment in a safe and beautiful part of Harlem- just a 1/2 block from 2 Express Trains (2 stops from 59th St) with ample on-street parking.

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