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assage is a wonderful healing art that has been around for centuries in different civilizations, with varying techniques and style, each related to its particular culture. As a student from Soma, I’ve learned the value of clinical massage and how it can help promote healing within the body, but this healing can come about from something as simple as promoting blood flow through the body. Come and enjoy a relaxation massage that includes therapeutic aspects by applying deeper pressure. As always, massages are directed towards your needs. A few benefits includes, but not limited too:

-Lowering blood pressure – at least for a while
-Improvements to peripheral circulation
-Improvements to skin tone and appearance
-Improvements to gastrointestinal motility (bowel movements will become more regular)
-Some reduction in muscle tension including the relief of muscle tension headaches
-Improvements to any stress-related symptoms. This can include providing a gentle boost to the immune system if you undergo regular treatments.
-Improve muscle recovery

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Please note:
-All massages are by appointment only.
-Same day scheduling fee applied and based on availability.
-Added charge for early morning/late session.
-Referrals booked will garner a $10 discount on next session.
-Outcalls with table will receive a $10 discount.

Thank you!

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