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i, guys. Put down the cell phone. Take off your tie. Lie down and breathe. For over eight years it has been my pleasure to treat gay men to relaxing expert bodywork. I provide table, sheets, oil, a good ear, and strong, experienced hands that you can trust to help you turn off your thoughts so that you can experience your body. Tell me what you like, what you don't like, what you need, and I can take it from there, employing a variety of massage techniques to best suit your body and your mood. Want to be pampered? I'll use long, smooth strokes to glide up and down the length of your body. Like a stronger sensation? A blend of pressure point work and deep tissue can melt away the knots. Need a stretch? Thai massage techniques will help you lengthen your muscles and mobilize your joints. The silent, intimate connection that can be achieved through expert touch is refreshing for the spirit as well as the body. It's a gift we all deserve. Please call or text me with any questions. Everyone is welcome.

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