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rand Rapids the 9th through the 10th only

Classy, Convenient, Calm Studio with Soothing Music, Peace, and Quiet

Licensed and Visiting your Area

Let's Cast Your Worries Aside and Relax!

A Phone Number is Necessary to Schedule

Client Feedback: 'Professional, Extremely Knowledgeable, Expert,
Genuine, Good Listener, Good Conversation, Nice Guy, Rejuvenation and Free Tips for Overall Health.'

BEST Offers and Massage Pressure, When in Town

Returning in Three Months


Deep Tissue Massage (Swedish combination available upon request):
• Includes IT Band, Gluteal Rolling and Trigger Point Therapy
• Table Massage
• Draping is Optional
• $80 for an hour, $120 for 90 minutes, and $160 for 120 minutes
• Return Clients Receive $10 Discount

Yin Yoga (full body, low body emphasis) and/or Handrup Healing (full body with upper body self-massage):
• Great for almost everyone, including those wary of derobing or being touched
• These classes reduce the need for massage, saving THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS
• $40--half hour each

Guitar Lesson:
• The calming effects of creating music bring peace that is both unsurpassed and unique
• I completely show you how to teach yourself guitar in one lesson
• $40/45 minutes

Combo Deals:
• Half hour massage (lower or upper body focus) plus Yin Yoga, Handrup Healing or Guitar: $80

Outcall (Complimentary aromatherapy available, upon request):
• Add $20 to $40 depending on drive time, up to 30 minutes one-way
• Same high quality as an incall

Cash, Debit and Credit Card Accepted (2.75% fee for cards)

Sometimes Camping In Areas with No Cell Signal But Will Reply ASAP

Yours in Health,
Gavin B.S., LMT, H.H.P.

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