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specialize in relaxing Swedish work, though I can adjust to meet the comfort and needs of my client. The majority of my massage client base is gay males, so I am keenly aware of the needs of my clients. I provide deep tissue work that reaches all muscles of your body and aims to release stress. I also practice Zero Balancing which addresses bone-held tension as opposed to muscular held tension. It's very transformative work.

Apart from those modalities, I practice energy work akin to Reiki. I 'tune in' to your body and hold the space for a rebalancing and realigning of your chakras to take place, helping to clear out old traumas and areas of stagnation and physical despondency. Every treatment is different and different needs bubble to the surface depending on my client's needs.

I believe in a body, mind, and spiritual approach to total wellness. I meditate, eat well and workout regularly, and I encourage my clients to see their body as a temple and treat themselves to massage regularly.

You are welcome to call or text, however texting will yield the fastest response. Please, no voice calls after 9PM.

I look forward to working with you.

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