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hat is it that causes you to feel deeply and entices you to release pressure you hide from yourself? How do you bring gentle silence to static you often gather and forget about?

Touch proves itself a savvy communicator often rousing concerns that only a guided touch will cure.

Together we identify a safe space where letting go makes sense, you learn to relax and breathe and we allow the transference of energy to heal. I use all information your anatomy shares to balance and align your chi.

Every session is fresh and curious and my approach is carefullly detailed. I listen as your body gives in and resigns itself to my safety. I manipulate your constriction away by using a fusion of modalities specifically adjusted to suit your needs. It's the balance of sensitivity and strength, the strokes that move deeply to the center of muscles or lightly brushing atop. It's staying with a moment because that moment is valuable.

I am qualified and experienced but more than that a gifted healer, my touch will make all the difference.

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