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work out of a health and wellness studio in Williiamsburg and I offer professional reiki healing sessions only.

Reiki is healing art which works by channeling energy into the body. While massage works on your physical body, reiki also can heal your mental, emotional, and spiritual body. Many men neglect these other aspects of the body and this can manifest itself as physical pain or ailments. Reiki sessions are perfect for aiding in the recovery from injury or surgery, alleviating pain, getting over mental and emotional blockages, dealing with developmental traumas, balancing your male and female energies, balancing your chakras, attaining mental clarity, and promoting overal relaxation and well being. In my practice I incorporate soothing meditative music to allow your mind to be receptive to these energies. I also offer aromatherapy with candles, incense, and sage, and work with specific crystals to amplify and direct the healing towards specific goals. This eye opening practice has changed my life and I would love the opportunity to share this gift with you.

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