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nce the doors close, apprehensions discarded and privacy at its peak, you'll experience a tantalizing touch that's both grounding and invigorating. This personal massage is set to mellow music and soft lighting, meant to keep you engaged and present in the moment. I begin with warming the muscles while encouraging a deep sense of relaxation. Then, I use my hands through tactile communication to address what's needed. My main aim is to provide you an opportunity to not only enjoy a man's touch but experience immediate benefits.

First, I'll ask a few questions to get an overall understanding of medical history and current conditions before we start the session. Then, I'll have you lie on the table and begin gently while progressively increasing pressure/approach depending on what is presented on my table. I invite you to treat yourself to a quality men’s massage tailored to you. Gay friendly and welcoming to men interested in taking some time out for themselves. Contact via text is the most efficient means to reach me, I can't stress this enough. Also, please be concise yet thorough in communication. I'm a staunch communicator with a clear understanding of discretion and privacy. I invite you to relax behind the veil.

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