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ello, Tim here! Enjoining you to visit my private and clean settings dressed with pleasing aromas and soft, relaxing music as I offer genuine relaxation with a thorough, attentive and truly worthwhile massage.
You will find true comfort in my friendly personality, and strong yet tender male touch. Ease into a state of true bodily bliss by shedding all your worries. Whether you prefer great conversation with an old soul, desire to vent, or just want to bask in silence as stress melts away, I am confident you'll enjoy your time with me!
I strongly encourage all I see to allow me to spoil them a little more with sessions longer than an hour. Although every session is special and catered to you, longer sessions allow me to treat you without taking away from the massage. Each session beyond 60 minutes includes a heavenly shower (swimwear provided or bring your own) with a refreshing exfoliating body scrub guaranteeing you leave feeling absolutely renewed with a pleasantly unique experience.
Never worry, as I cater to every one. Judgment regarding ppersonal life choices or appearance will never occur. I greatly believe everyone, (male, female, gay, straight) deserves an opportunity to experience the joy of a male massage.

Please take a gander at my plentiful and genuine reviews to get an idea of the experience ahead of you.

Feel free to contact me anytime so we could set up the session you've been dreaming of!

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