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his is what people said about me:

Drew from Baltimore.

I noticed throughout that he worked perfectly in tune to the music that is playing keeping time with the beat and the rhythm which only enhanced ...... I felt amazing...

Following this review the client texted me:

( I just Finished your Review and I think I could have gone on and on. Man, Honestly the best massage I've Had in over a decade. Hopefully we will see each other in Baltimore again).

By dckstpete in Tampa, FL

From the time we connected via text to the greeting at the door he made me feel like I've known him for ages - had a great 'vibe'. His approach was refreshing from other massages I've had in the past - pressure was perfect and the attention to the total experience was the best - hes great at his craft - not to mention very handsome
I'll be a regular.

Tom From Tampa:

I was just Reading some of your many reviews online. Not one bad review in fact everyone mentions how kind and spiritual you are and how you connect with other people. It's actually quite incredible so many people find you such A positive experience after the massage.

During our session, I make direct contact with your tissues, helping to alleviate areas of tension, increasing circulation and overall movement of vital, life-force energy. At times, your body will "tell me a story," offering insight into what is happening in your life and telling me what you need. This all male interaction is truly a Mind, Body and Spirit treat for men that will leave you feeling revitalized, refocused, and peaceful!

If you looking for the ULTIMATE PREMIUM EXPERIENCE. I am your guy.

Thank you for checking me out..!!

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