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UTCALL ONLY ---I'm a massage therapist with over twenty years hands-on experience and certified since 2003.

Not only are my skilled hands trained in traditional Swedish and therapeutic modalities, they harness the power to sooth and relieve tension with reiki-like energy work woven into the strokes. I've had many clients over the course of my massage career call me a healer and referred to my touch as "magic," "electric," and some have even described the experience as an outer body experience. Though, truth be told I didn't have the heart to tell them that is because they were snoring while I was working on them, so they must've been dreaming. :)

I bring a table, unscented oil or unscented lotion and combine aromatherapy with natural essential fragrances that promote anxiety relief and relaxation. I also have soft, meditative type music to enhance the experience and produce a slowing down of your anxious thoughts so my soft and restorative touch has the maximum impact.

If you're ready to let go of that tension you're sick of holding onto that other therapists have not been able to relieve, give me a try. You can expect to be cared for in my safe, nurturing hands.

Rates (outcall only):
60 min. = $100
90 min. = $150
120 min. = $225

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