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Due to the high volume of interest in my Full-Body-Massage work it's not always possible for me to make appointments in the time slots wanted. My apologies in advance if that happened to you. I also can only do so many appointments in one day and still maintain my high standards of work. Thank you!!

I am a professional CMT with more than 20 years of experience as a Massage Therapist. My training was completed at the world famous Esalen Institute in Big Sur CA.

It can be technical, addressing specific problems, or sheerly for your intense Pleasure and Deep Relaxation.

Scanning through the many, ads on this site it's obvious there are a plethora of fine Masseurs. So how does one know who's right for you? That isn't so easy to know. Obviously no one can be all things to all people. We all have to find our niche both as clients and as Therapists.

Of course as men most of us pick a therapist solely on their appearance. Ha. That may or may not work in the end. It's assumed you also want some Real, relaxing, regenerating, balancing bodywork sometime during the session too. Yes? Haha. Fantasies are sweet, but Reality eventually seeps in…

"You're Unique…just like every-one else." ha

And isn't that the way of it?

So what do I offer that's unique?

"Experience": Many years of just plain field work. Nothing in school taught me what hands on experience teaches. Learning to "read" the needs of the clients without him having to verbalize them. A kind of inner Knowingness that is crucial to a good Massage.

"Healing": I do have the gift of healing. It can either be directed specifically through my hands or it happen automatically without my conscious awareness. This gift can solve many of your problems on multiple levels in a way that neither of us is prepared for :) I believe in Miracles. Do you?

"Understanding and Communication": This can occur via either verbal exchanges or silently. Often a Massage sessions becomes a psychological therapy session. Things are shared and released that need to be expressed for the sake of health and wellness... mental, physical and emotional.

"Deep Work": If you are a man who likes really deep muscle work I can deliver being the big strong man that I am.

As people we are all terribly complex and often we come to a therapist for one known need and discover others. It's a process. Maybe it's as simple as you are lonely and need to be touched to feel grounded, appreciated and human again. Or maybe you want technical work related to specific structural, anatomical issues involving tendons, muscles, ligaments, alignments? Just realize we can design the massage to your Needs!

The basic techniques I integrate are these:

Deep Muscle
Cross Fiber
Passive Movement
Trigger Point
Lomi Lomi
High Frequency Energy Healing.

I trust I will draw to me those men that need my "Brand" of bodywork. Looking forward to meeting you. It's really a "Frequency Thing." Yes?

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